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A Message from Studio Blue…

This week 2 of our staff members received news that someone close to them was diagnosed with advanced cancer. Both people had felt experienced changes in their bodies…but they didn’t recognize these signs as serious indicators of disease.

Our goal at Studio Blue is to help you as healthy as possible. We do our best to help you gain strength and mobility, and to help you rehabilitate preexisting conditions, recover from surgery and reduce your pain.

But we also want to encourage YOU to listen to what your body is saying. As you grow older, you may think new aches and pains, weight loss or gain, increased fatigue, a change in skin tone, and other bodily changes are just part of the normal aging process.

However these and many other symptoms can be your body telling you that something is amiss. And early detection is the biggest contributing factor to preventing and/or curing life threatening conditions such as heart disease or cancer.

In the case of a heart attack, for example, many people know chest tightness or tingling in the left arm may signal an impending heart attack. But did you know upper back pain, shortness of breath and/or jaw pain can also be indicators of heart attack?

With cancer, the signs and symptoms depend on where it is, how big it is and how much it affects the organs or tissues. Early cancer warning signs can include fever, extreme tiredness, or weight loss. Cancer cells use up much of the body’s energy and they may release substances that change the way the body makes energy from food. Cancer may also cause the immune system to react in ways that produce these signs and symptoms.

If you’ve been overly fatigued recently, noticed unexplained weight loss or gain, or just don’t feel like yourself, pay attention to what your body is telling you and talk to your physician. Give yourself “a listen” today.

We want you to stay healthy and look forward to a long future together!

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NEW Online Prerequisites

Closeup of register key in a modern keyboard

For the maximum benefit and safety of our clients we will be implementing a new prerequisite system for online registration. The new system will only allow clients to register for classes they are qualified to attend, which will either be determined from your past class history with us, or by instructor approval.

This will not affect sign ups for classes that you have taken in the past.

We ask that you please be patient with us as we perfect this new system over the month of April, and welcome any feedback you would like to share.

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Introducing Kacie Dart to Sunday nights!

Please join us in welcoming our newest member to the Studio Blue team! Kacie is now teaching Sunday night’s 5pm 90-minute All Level class, and we encourage you to stop in and introduce yourself!

Kacie is passionate about understanding how the human body functions best. She began her Pilates practice 5 years ago to manage her own scoliosis and instantly loved how her practice developed her confidence, sense of self, stability. These changes influenced her to reassess her life and leave her corporate career to focus on becoming a Pilates instructor and helping others on their paths to wellness. Kacie was STOTT Pilates certified in October 2013 and has never regretted her decision to make Pilates her life’s work.

When she’s not on the mat Kacie enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest with her dog Theo, playing disc golf, reading and studying biomechanics. Her greatest joy is watching her clients transform from a place of pain, discomfort and sedentary life to a place of mobility, stability and wellness. You’ll love her radiant positive energy and engaging smile and hope you’ll come check out her class soon!

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with Wendi

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 2.14.55 PMWednesdays at 11am

starts April 16th

Once called “Yoga for Dancers”, the GYROKINESIS® methodology uses gentle repetitive, spiraling, and undulating exercises in a set flow that work to decompress the joints of the body while increasing strength and flexibility. This low impact fitness system can be practiced by everyone regardless of age and fitness capacity.

The benefits of GYROKINESIS® training include:
Improves joint mobility and range of motion
Reduces stress, releases tension in your body
Increases your strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance
Increases circulation, energy, and cardiovascular health
Sculpts your body
Improves body awareness

During each GYROKINESIS® class the entire body is taken through seven types of spinal movement: rounding forward, extending backward, side arching left and right, rotating left and right, and moving in a circular pattern.

Classes are included in mat packages and will begin seated on a low padded stool and continue on to the floor.

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 Franklin Method Workshop


Saturday, April 12th


with Jonathan Janis


*Franklin balls included in cost of the workshop

Click Here to Register

The Franklin Method uses dynamic imagery, anatomical embodiment and educational skills to create lasting positive change in your body and mind.

The Franklin Method shows you how to use your brain to improve your body’s function and harness the transforming power of the mind and it all starts with the knowledge that we have the power to create change.

You’ll learn dynamic alignment and how to move your body with maximum efficiency to stay youthful and energized. The human body is a symphony of coordinated movement and your posture is reinvented at every instant. In every moment, the ideal combination of limbs, joints, gravity, moving parts, connective tissue, and muscle must be found and directed by your brain and nervous system.

You’ll leave with a new understanding of movement and a pair of Franklin Balls for your home practice!

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BASI Teacher Training Schedule

Please note the following weekends when the training will be taking place. Sunday classes between 9am-5pm will be cancelled on training dates.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 9.59.56 AM

April 5-6th, 27-28th

May 17-18th

June 7-8th, 28-29th

July 19-20th

Please contact the front desk with any questions or concerns.

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Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 5.34.14 PMRepetitive Injury Prevention for Computer Users

With special guest Carissa Conner

Saturday, March 15th

2-3:30pm  $50
Click Here to Register

Our bodies weren’t designed to sit at a desk and work on the computer all day…

In this workshop you will learn self care techniques such as stretching, strengthening and self massage to counter balance the physical stress and repetitive injury caused by the poor ergonomics of computer work stations.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 5.34.29 PMCarissa Conner, LMT

Carissa graduated from East West College of Healing Arts in 1999.  She has focused working with people recovering from many forms of injury, chronic pain, surgery, and helping them achieve their wellness goals.  Lifestyle and nutritional choices also play a key role in how the body functions and these are important topics Carissa discusses with people who are looking to achieve their best potential.  Discovering body patterns and getting to the root of the issue is what has kept Carissa fascinated and passionate about her work.

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pretty-fanIntroductory Workshop to the Franklin Method

Sunday, March 16th

3:30 -5pm

with Jonathan Janis

Click Here to Register

The Franklin Method is a system of body education using imagery, exercise, myofascial rollers, and therabands to achieve efficient movement and effortless posture. Join Jonathan Janis as he takes us on an introductory look at the method which has been described as deceptively simple, and can take us far into understanding the deeper aspects of the body that many modalities haven’t taught us.

Jonathan will also be teaching a 2 day workshop at the end of the month, find our more information here.


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couplesPilates and Functional Movement for Seniors

with Mike!

Saturday, April 19th

2-3:30 pm   $40

Click Here to Register

Calling all seniors! How’s your posture been lately? Need some help with your balance and flexibility? Mike is here to help!

Using bands, balls, and blocks, we’ll work on some critical movements and stretches to help gain the core strength, balance, and flexibility you need to live a healthy life for years to come. This is a critical age and you deserve to live it with grace.

Sign up today!

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Take advantage of the savings now and sign up for monthly autodebit today!

_MG_5883Prices increase March 1st!

With more TRX spaces and renovations to our lobby, changing area, and storage facilities, our studio will be more beautiful and calming than ever before!

Did you know that when you sign up for our monthly autodebit program, you lock in your pricing for life?
You get over 30 classes a week, including springboard equipment classes, for one low price that never goes up. It only takes a minute to to sign up for our monthly autodebit program next time you’re in the Studio, and lock in your guaranteed lifetime pricing (autodebit cannot be purchased online).

After March 1st, the prices will reflect the following:

Mat Classes
Mat Drop in $19
5 Class Package $85 ($17/class)
10 Class Package $150 ($15/class)
20 Class Package $250 ($12.50/class)
Monthly Unlimited $135
Monthly Unlimited Autodebit $115

Reformer Classes
Reformer Drop In $35
Reformer Introductory Private $50
Reformer 5 Class Package $165 ($33/class)
Reformer 10 Class Package $300 ($30/class)
Reformer/Mat Combo Package (5 of each) $240

Private Sessions
Regular Privates $70
5 Privates Package $335 ($67/session)
10 Privates Package $650 ($65/session)
Intro Privates 5 for $250 (a $100 savings)